Lets your soap dry and doesn't leak!
How Carry-Dri® Works
Traditional travel soap cases are designed to be completely sealed, with the intention of preventing any leakage. The problem is that also prevents your soap from drying. 
In reality, wet soap doesn't have that much liquid water, so why seal up the whole case?
Carry-DriTM is designed to just capture the small amount of water from wet soap by using elevated vent holes placed a small distance from the outside of the case.
This video features a glass demo that demonstrates the concept behind the Carry-DriTM vents.
Cut away images show how it works.
Drips are captured
Vents shaped to direct water from leaking



Water drips stay in the case, but vents let soap dry
No matter what position the case is in.
Carry-Dri® is simply a better way to bring your bar soap with you.
Not only does Carry-Dri® keep your soap dry, it also has these great features:

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Tested on an Italian vacation - see blog post 
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